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Lund Boats

Lund Boats

Leading the industry is a role that we take very seriously at Lund Boat Company. It’s what pushes us to create better boats that provide you with more pleasure and value. It’s what drives us to innovate new ideas that make boating more enjoyable and fishing more productive. If you look at the features introduced in our industry over the last several decades, you’re going to see that the vast majority of meaningful advances have been developed in New York Mills, Minnesota, at the Lund plant. That’s where we’ve been for more than a half century, and that’s where we’re going to continue to develop the best boats you can buy.

And it’s going to be easier now thanks to the great resources and technological advantages we’re already receiving from our new parent company, Brunswick Corporation. We all know about the great Brunswick name, so it should come as no surprise that Brunswick is a Fortune 500 Company with a long history of remarkable success. It’s also important to know that Brunswick is one of the most influential corporations in the marine industry, and so the fit with Lund could not be better.

For you that means better boating, because we are in our strongest position ever to build the boats you expect from the industry leader. As you look through this catalog, just imagine all the great times ahead in your new Lund, and then please talk to your Lund dealer about how we can make it happen.

-- Andrew Klopak, Lund President

RJ Sport is proud to be the premier Lund Boat MN dealer.